These Ancient Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese and Indian Energy Exercises Will Prolong Your Life 10-15 Years

THE FIVE TIBETANS will open the seven energy centers in the body which will provide nourishment to all your vital organs and glands. It strengthens your immune system and put your mind and body in balance providing a happier healthier life 2. LEARN THE 51 MOVES OF SHAOLIN CHI KUNG energy exercises(these are meditations in motion)they help us redirect our vital energy. They teach us how to move the energy to various parts of the body through the power of the mind and breath. These postures will also strengthen the entire body and all its organs. They develop force and unlock the energy centers to allow the unimpeded flow of chi throughout the body. They will strengthen your joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles and internal organs. 3.LEARN THE EIGHT STRANDS OF THE BROCADE. (Known in China for over 1000 years as the eight fine exercises).This is energy in motion. This is an excellent short workout that will make you nimble to increase your energy (you will be able to move like lightning). These exercises were taught by the Great General to his warriors in China that were never defeated because of the powers that these exercises produce.