Great Grandmaster Villari Demonstrates Karate, Kempo and Shotokan Karate Forms!!1
To show the explosiveness and focus of (karate) The Art of the Empty Hand, basic punches, kicks, moving, delivering kicks and punches using shuffles, angles, skips and slides with focus and Explosive Power along with fighting combinations. 1. Invincible Wall (Shaolin Kempo Kata Form) 2. Tai Sing Mong 3. Kanku Dai 4. Honsuki (7 hands) 5. Number Six Kata (Kempo Karate/Kempo Kata) 6. Five Dragons Face The Four Winds (Shaolin Kempo Karate) 7.Sho Tung Kwok (hands and feet fighting Shaolin Kempo Kata form) 8.Swift Tiger (Kempo Karate form) 9. Bassai Dai Form (Shotokan Karate) 10. Flying Swallow (Shotokan Karate Form) 11. Jutte (10 hands) Shotokan Karate Form)